Who ARE Advantage Point Group?

The Advantage Point Group (APG) consists of two entities: Advantage Point Group, Inc. and The Auditing Advantage, Inc. Drafting, engineering,
and construction observation & construction management services are provided by Advantage Point Group, Inc. formerly known as R. C.
Consultants while contract auditing services are provided by The Auditing Advantage, Inc.

Initially, R. C. Consultants, Inc. was formed in 1983, to provide electrical design consulting services with a limited client base. The founders
recognized and fulfilled a growing need where qualified electrical designers could work with clients to provide electrical design services at
cost-effective rates. The APG/Client relationship has broadened over the years primarily as a result of hard work and attention to industry
standards and details, along with expansion and the addition of other design disciplines. We currently offer a full spectrum of services not typically available within a single firm. Operating through distinct groups we offer – architectural design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering,
structural engineering, facilities management systems, process instrumentation & controls design, computer aided drafting services, construction field
services and contract auditing services.

Today, APG offers engineering solutions with a full comprehension of the planning, development, design and construction processes that need to
be present in all projects.

Commitment To Our Client

In all the project-related services, APG has performed over the past 15 years, our emphasis has always been on long-term solutions, cost-effective designs and quality control.

We are committed to providing designs and services using good engineering practices and maintenance conscious ideas.

Providing our clients with quality engineering consulting and construction services has been our commitment since the original corporation began
in 1983.