Construction Field Services

Following the project design, one of the most significant factors for a successful project is the construction and proper installation of the specified systems and equipment. The coordination between the client/owner, project design team and contractors is efficiently facilitated by Construction Field Services. Our Construction Field Service Group helps ensure that the construction meets the owner’s approval, the design intent and the schedule.

General Construction Experience

  • Construction Management
  • Cost Estimating
  • Budget Management
  • Quality Control
  • Trade Coordination
  • Schedule Management

Project Expertise Includes

  • Foundations & Footings
  • Masonry Building Construction
  • Building Steel Erection
  • Interior Wall Construction
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Power Distribution & Conditioning
  • High & Low Pressure Steam
  • Process Control Systems
  • Chillers & Cooling Towers
  • Lighting Systems
  • Process Cooling & Exhaust Systems
  • Paging & Security Systems
  • Process Pumping Systems
  • Fire Protection & Alarm Systems
  • Chemical Sewers
  • Corrosive Area Electrical Systems